The Hearing and Speech Foundation has opened a new 7,200 sq ft auditory training and rehabilitation center for the Verbotonal Method. The facility, based in Maryville, Tenn, joins a global network of Verbotonal centers in more than 22 countries.

According to the Hearing and Speech Foundation, the Verbotonal Method is a widely accepted method of rehabilitation in eastern Europe and other parts of the world. It’s described as a highly multisensory aural approach that trains listening skills and auditory perception in hearing impaired children and adults.

The goal of the Hearing and Speech Foundation’s training program is to promote the use of this method within the fields of deaf education, regular and special education, audiology, and speech pathology.

"This is an exciting and extremely important step forward for the Foundation as we work to grow the acceptance of the Verbotonal Method in the US," said John Berry, co-founder and CEO of the Hearing and Speech Foundation. "With this new training facility, we will have the ability to host workshops and training sessions to certify Verbotonal implementers as trainers, and showcase the effectiveness of this method to hearing professionals from around the world."

As a therapy center, the new facility will offer auditory, speech, and language therapy to hearing impaired and normal hearing children and adults diagnosed with auditory perception difficulties that are severe enough to impede communication and academic achievement.

The new facility is located a few minutes away from Knoxville. For more information visit

SOURCE: The Hearing and Speech Foundation