Clarity has released Pal, a simple-to-use cell phone designed for older adults. In lieu of apps that may appear to be complicated, Pal is built with features specific to the needs of older consumers, such as amplified sound, hearing aid compatibility, a large dial pad, and a one-touch emergency button.

Available as an unlocked GSM phone that can be used with compatible wireless phone services, Pal includes 25 decibels of amplification for users with hearing loss. The boost and adjustable tone control buttons also allow users the option to customize their listening experience to their particular degree of hearing loss.

In addition to the amplification attributes, Pal has a large, 2-inch LCD color display with bright, oversized characters, so users can more easily navigate through the phone’s built-in features, which include a talking caller ID and vibrating and flashing visual ringers.

In addition to the cell phone’s bold, illuminated, large keypad, Pal has a "talk back" feature that speaks the numbers as the user dials to further ensure accuracy.

On the back of Pal, users will find a one-touch red heart button that will call and send text messages to five pre-programmed numbers, instantly connecting users to loved ones or caregivers in the case of an emergency. When pressed, Pal will cycle through the five contacts until someone is reached.

SOURCE: Clarity