Schaumburg, Ill – GN Otometrics is introducing AURICAL HIT, the latest addition to the AURICAL line of modular fitting solutions.

The AURICAL HIT features OnePosition, a design that allows the hearing instrument to be placed securely inside the test chamber without having to reposition it further for directionality or induction coil measurements.

In addition to OnePosition, Otometrics says that its customers’ number one concern was having a small footprint. Consequently, HIT has a vertical design and, according to the company, has the smallest footprint of any directionality-enabled test chamber on the market.

HIT is also fully integrated with all AURICAL elements through the OTOsuite software, which allows clinicians to demonstrate advanced hearing instrument features using the FreeStyle and Feature-2-Benefit functions.

More information about the new AURICAL can be found at

SOURCE: GN Otometrics