March 19, 2007

Audigy Group announced that in fiscal year 2006 it achieved 400 percent financial growth over fiscal year 2005 while maintaining a 25 percent pre-tax profit margin. The announcement was made at the Cabo San Lucas Owners’ Summit February 27 through March 4.

The event provided an opportunity for Audigy Group’s practitioners to gather and plan local market expansion strategies, contribute input on Audigy Group programs and refine their best practices.

A preview of Augidy Univeristy was made by Eric Hecker, Director of Audigy University, Barry Freemand and Ian Windmill, who shared information regarding the new business and technology school for the hearing care industry. “AudigyU will empower each individual with the full spectrum of skills to successfully operate an elite hearing care practice,” Brandon Dawson, Audigy Group founder, said. “AudigyU will be the exclusive business school for those who take their practice and careers seriously.”

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