New research reveals a discrepancy between Canadians’ top aging concerns and their self-care habits. In a recent survey, nearly three-quarters (71%) of Canadians identified memory loss or dementia as their number one health concern as they age. However, the majority (85%) are unaware that untreated hearing loss is associated with comorbidities like dementia and can also have a significant impact on depression and anxiety.

Nearly half of Canadians over 60 years old are living with some form of hearing loss, many not recognizing the impact it may be having on their mental acuity and quality of life.1 The survey found that those living with unaided hearing loss are 50% more likely to have depression and anxiety than those who seek hearing support.

The findings are from a global survey of 24,000 people from 14 countries, including 1,387 Canadians, conducted by Audika Group, an international hearing care provider, and YouGov, an international market research group. A press release announcing the results was released by HearingLife Canada, a hearing care provider that is part of Audika Group.

According to The Lancet, people living with moderate hearing loss are twice as likely to experience comorbidities like cognitive decline as their peers; those with severe hearing loss face five times the risk.2Fortunately, “hearing aid use was the largest factor protecting from [cognitive] decline.”2

Good Hearing = Happier Canadians 

“Many Canadians feel self-care is the most important factor in maintaining their mental and physical health, but most don’t know that their ears should be included,” said Jillian Price, HearingLife’s chief audiologist. “Hearing plays such an important part in how we experience the things we love about life. When you love something, you take care of it, which is why we encourage all Canadians to love their ears.”

According to the research, across the globe, respondents who embraced the need for hearing support experienced a major increase in their health and happiness. The survey found:

  • Hearing aid wearers are three times more likely to be happier than those with untreated hearing loss.
  • One in 4 reported better relationships, and 40% reported better conversations.
  • A third felt more connected to their family.

Taking a proactive approach to hearing care can improve quality of life; it includes getting a hearing test and avoiding exposure to loud noises. To mitigate the risk of hearing loss and comorbidities associated with recreational sound exposure, practice safe listening by wearing ear protection at loud events or turning down the volume on headphones. If you have hearing loss, early adoption of hearing aids can help prevent the risks of untreated hearing loss.

Love Your Ears

Hearing is one of the five senses with which we experience life. If vision places the world in front of us, hearing puts us at its center in a very personal way. HearingLife is spreading awareness about the vital need for hearing care with its new “Love Your Ears” initiative, reminding everyone how hearing enriches our best experiences. 

Canadians can start loving their ears today by taking a free online hearing test or scheduling a no-obligation hearing test – no physician referral needed. Call 1-855-785-3616 or visit to find a local HearingLife provider near you.


1 The National Campaign for Better Hearing website. Hearing Loss Abounds in Canadian Population. Accessed February 25, 2022.

Livingston G, Huntley J, Sommerlad A, et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of The Lancet Commission. The Lancet. 2020;396(10248):413-446.

About HearingLife 

HearingLife is Canada’s leading local hearing care provider. With more than 250 clinics nationwide, HearingLife “delivers a personalized approach to life-changing hearing care and encourages everyone to love their ears.” Nearly half of Canadians over the age of 60 are suffering from hearing loss. HearingLife is working to address this alarming, largely unaddressed health concern by providing a free hearing test to every person in Canada over 60 years old, making hearing aids accessible to those who may not be able to afford them. Aimed at providing trusted hearing care globally, HearingLife Canada is part of Audika Group, an international hearing care provider and member of the global hearing health company Demant.

Source: HearingLife Canada