Somerset, NJ — Oticon Medical recently sponsored a Masterclass on bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) systems at Stockholm’s Karolinska University Hospital. The Masterclass was initiated and organized by Professor Malou Hultcrantz of Karolinska Hospital’s Department of Otorhinolaryngology.

The 2-day professional gathering provided surgeons from clinics and medical centers in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway with an opportunity to experience first-hand a hearing solution that benefits people with conductive or mixed hearing loss and single-sided deafness. Theoretical and practical sessions conducted by researchers and surgeons in bone anchored systems explored the newest research, surgical techniques, and technology.

Jes Olsen, Oticon Medical general manager, described the class in the press statement: “The first Masterclass featured a range of topics that are relevant and challenging and incorporate a patient-centered approach to critical quality of life benefits. Our goal is to continue to offer quality surgical education to experienced surgeons as well as surgeons who are new to bone anchored solutions and thus extend the potential for treatment and successful outcomes to more patients than ever before.”

The first day of the Masterclass covered basic audiological reviews, clinical indications, quality of life aspects, and the most up-to-date surgical techniques.

Professor Hultcrantz outlined a new surgical technique without skin thinning as presented in her article “Outcome of the Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Procedure Without Skin Thinning: A Prospective Clinical Trial,” Otology & Neurotology. She also presented a case for the benefits of BAHA solutions for patients with unilateral hearing loss and the importance of timely treatment.

Arjan J. Bosman, PhD, audiology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, led a discussion on selection of candidates for bone anchored hearing systems. Bosman shared new research on the objective performance and benefits for different patient groups including patients with single-sided deafness, pediatric and developmentally delayed patients, and patients requiring a bilateral fitting. He also presented results of a recent study with Oticon Medical’s Ponto Pro Power that showed significantly improved subjective and objective performance for patients formerly wearing Intenso.

Present and future clinical indications for BAHA systems were the focus of a presentation by Professor Lars Holme Nielsen of Rigshospitalet, Denmark, who presented preliminary results of a study of patients with single-sided deafness revealing their hearing difficulties unaided.

Professor Thomas Albrektsson of the Department of Clinical Sciences, Salgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, engaged Masterclass participants in a discussion of factors that impact osseointegration based upon his experience and participation in the development of bone implant technology. Albrektsson has been a close collaborator with PI Bränemark in the development of osseointegrated oral and craniofacial clinical treatment.

Dr Cor Cremers, recently retired professor of otology at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, discussed loading time and skin reactions and explored implant survival and quality of life considerations for elderly patients.

Oticon Medical Head of Audiology Tove Rosenbom, MA, demonstrated the Oticon Medical fitting software with an experienced user of bone anchored hearing solutions.

The second day of the Masterclass included a series of live surgeries that provided opportunity for questions during each surgery. Hultcrantz placed two sleeper implants in a child under general anesthesia and demonstrated the linear incision without skin thinning in an adult patient under local anesthesia. Professor Cremers performed a classic linear incision technique in an adult patient under local anesthesia.

Based on the success of the Karolinska Masterclass, Oticon Medical plans to sponsor Masterclass education forums for surgeons in additional markets.

Photo L – R: Nurse J. Leder, C. Cremers, M. Hultcrantz, L. Holme Nielsen, T. Rosenbom, C.F. Horneman

SOURCE: Oticon Medical