The GN Group announced the launch of two AI-powered solutions:

• At the media opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, GN Audio announced a brand new Jabra headset with exclusive AI technology for intelligent adaptive audio.
• Also at the CES, GN Hearing will announce its continued journey of innovation with new AI-enabled hearing solutions.

GN’s new offerings are said to follow years of investment in the company’s dedicated AI research center, the GN Advanced Science unit; its investment in AudEERING, a company that develops intelligent audio analysis and emotional artificial intelligence; a partnership and ecosystems with other leading technology innovators such as Apple and Google; and GN’s collaboration with other institutions and academic research institutes.

“It is GN’s position that Artificial Intelligence is a crucial technology that can enable more powerful and capable user experiences to be delivered across all types of hearing and audio solutions—today and in the future,” said Marcus Desimoni, CFO of GN and Interim CEO of GN Hearing. “We fully expect to continue to be at the forefront when it comes to commercializing AI capabilities into products and solutions that deliver real user benefit.”

GN researchers are working on the next generations of products and software releases that will set new milestones in the space of AI-enhanced product offerings benefiting from GN’s group-wide investments in technology research, product development, and strategic partnerships over the past several years.

When GN was established 150 years ago, the company introduced the world’s first telegraph line from Europe to Asia, creating the Internet of its time. It is this same pioneering spirit that is being applied today to transform lives, helping people hear more, do more, and be more than they ever thought possible.

Source: GN Group