October 29, 2007

Knowles Electronics and Knowles Acoustics has launched a newly redesigned Web site, www.knowles.com.  The companies’ previous Internet addresses, www.knowleselectronics.com and www.knowlesacoustics.com have been merged with www.knowles.com to form a site designed to provide visitors with improvements in navigation, uniformity, and appearance.

The new site reportedly features expanded content and product information as well as a new search function tool.

Visitors to the new Web site will have immediate access to the site’s major topic areas that allow browsing and searching through information about the Knowles company, services provided by the firm, technology platforms, applications served, and product offerings.

"This newly redesigned corporate Web site was created specifically for the audience of both Knowles Electronics and Knowles Acoustics,” said Gordon Walker, general manager of Knowles Electronics.  “Packed with many new features, it gives customers detailed product information including specs, company news, and technology highlights, that will be constantly updated. The revised Web site will help make Knowles more attractive and accessible to a global audience.”

A news release from the company pointed out enhancements to the Web site that include:

•    Search Function – Advanced search function provides users the means to search via product or application.  Also within the search results is the ability to sort and perform further search refinements, thus narrowing down the right product selection for a user’s applications.
•    Improved Navigation – Web pages work in intuitive and consistent ways, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for and know where they are within the website.
•    Improved Look and Feel – Enhanced graphics and the new page layouts provide visitors with an improved user experience.

"Our customers want to be able to find product quickly, research Knowles and its services, and find out about the latest technologies," added Mike Adell, general manager of Knowles Acoustics. “We are continually innovating and improving our products and services. The new Web site is the natural next step."

Source: Knowles