Argosy Electronics

CAMEO CIC is available with 100% digital, programmable and non-programmable circuit options. The digital circuit options are M2DG and AR1 and the programmable circuit options are QuadrasoundTM (four signal processing options in each CIC-Linear Class D, Manhattan II, WDRC and ICL), OnQueTM (2-channel compression) and K-AMP. The non-programmable circuit options are Class D Linear, Manhattan II, OnQueTM, Output Compression Limiting, 2:1 Input Compression and K-AMP. CAMEO is available with a small remote volume control, Digital Magnetic Sensing (DMS), available as an option. Half of the CAMEO shell is soft and flexible. The receiver incorporated within the silicone for maintaining minimum size.

Argosy Electronics, Eden Prairie, MN.
(800) 328-6105

Audina Hearing Instruments

The CIC programmable product line includes the soon to be released Nueve Digital nine channel instrument with expansion technology, the new DynamEQ3 with eight adjustable parameters including expansion, feedback control and AGC-O limiting. DynamEQII and the AGC-O circuitry are also available. All are NOAH compatible with Audina ezFIT software. The company’s CIC conventional product line includes K-AMP, DynamEQII, DynamEQI, Class D and AGC-O circuitry.

Audina Hearing Instruments, Longwood, FL.
(800) 223-7700

Bell Hearing Instruments

V.I.P. is a custom fitted CIC model available in circuit options of linear Class A, Class D, K-AMP and Dynam EQII. The screw-set volume control is standard and the manual volume control is optional. The device is available in eight shell colors and four faceplate color choices. The red/blue shell colors are standard.

Bell Hearing Instruments Inc., Oldsmar, FL.
(800) 535-0516

Beltone Electronics Corp.

Recently, Beltone enhanced the cosmetics of their Invisa CIC hearing instruments by redesigning its faceplate appearance. The faceplate incorporates a behind-the-door ribbon cable programming system.

The Invisa offers the digital technology of Lumina, Polara, Silica and Original digital circuits. CSP II, K-AMP and linear programmable analog circuits are available in the Invisa shell style. Beltone also offers linear Class D and K-AMP non-programmable circuitry.

The Invisa CIC is designed to blend with the contours and coloring of the patient’s ear. The faceplates feature a low-reflective material with shell colors available in beige, brown and tan. 

Beltone Electronics Corp., Chicago, IL.
(800) 621-1275

Bernafon Inc.

Bernafon provides 100% digital, programmable and conventional CICs to fit patients with mild to moderate hearing losses.

Smile hearing instruments combine the advantages of DSP with flexibility. Smile features two programs, two channels, a five-band equalizer for fitting flexibility and an optional remote control. 

Audioflex features two memories with a flexible four filter network designed for easy fitting. An optional remote control is also included.

The Opus2 CIC features an optional Class H circuit.

Bernafon Inc., Eden Prairie, MN.
(888) 941-4200


Electone offers CIC models Class A and Class D linear, Class D AGC-O, K-AMP, DynamEQ®-II compression, SDMTM and The PointeTM programmable instruments. All circuits are designed for mild-to-moderate hearing losses, but Class D and Class D AGC-O circuits can be used for severe hearing losses.

Electone Inc., Longwood, FL.
(900) 432-7483

GN ReSound

GN ReSound offers four CIC hearing instruments. The Danalogic and Digital 5000 CIC instruments utilize Cochlea Dynamics signal processing combined with a 14-band noise reduction system and Digital Feedback Suppression. The Danasound CIC, WDRC analog programmable instrument and the Encore Plus CC4 which features sound processing technology originally developed at AT&T are also offered by the company. The CC4 provides two-channel programming capability and an optional remote that offers up to three listening programs.

GN ReSound, Minnetonka, MN.
(800) 432-7835

Hearing Services International

Model ECIC is designed to be a versatile CIC , according to the company. The instrument is available with K-AMP, OnQue (two-channel compression), input compression, Manhatten II (BILL ASP), WDRC and standard linear Class D. The ECIC is also available with programmable options like Quadrasound (four distinct circuits in one), Multi-memory Quadrasound, OnQue (two-channel compression), multi-memory OnQue and K-AMP. The device is available with 100% digital Sound Processing M2DG. The M2DG features two-channel flexibility and two memories for better listening in many situations. The ECIC is available with a soft flexible canal to help overcome feedback with TMJ problems.

Hearing Services International, Eden Prairie, MN.
(612) 829-5757 


The Digi-Pro family of programmable CICs include single channel and two channel models. The Digi-Pro AGC-O has an optional Digi-Touch Multi-Memory Switch. Both programmables offer advanced programmable technology utilizing a NOAH compatible, user friendly software package, according to the company. 

Other CICs available are Class B with A.C.T. (Automatic Compression Technology), Class D, AGC-O, AGCi, EQI and One-Touch Digital VC.

Magnatone, Casselberry, FL.
(800) 327-5159


Micro-Tech announces the release of the CIC version of the Dx3, reportedly a breakthrough in digital technology. Dx3 which is 100% digital, harnesses the flexibility of digital processing and provides improved sound quality.

Micro-Tech’s Nx2 programmable circuits combine dual-band versatility with Resonance Booster.

Micro-Tech, Plymouth, MN.
(800) 745-4327


DigiFocus II CICs offer seven band, 2-channel architecture and a choice of two speech-based audiological rationales, ASA2 and SKI. All custom DigiFocus II instruments feature a redesigned chip, the MicroWaxBuster, long battery life and several fitting solutions in the updated OtiSet software CICs are digital with 2-channel WDRC, Adaptation Manager and Feedback Manager. also provides an informational website.

PrimoFocus is a dual channel, nonlinear analog instrument intended to provide comfort and clarity.

Ergo CIC is a single-channel, programmable, analog linear series of instruments from CIC to BTE, with a choice of 3 output limiting schemes and a feedback manager feature. 

Oticon, Inc., Somerset, NJ.
(800) 526-3921

Phonak, Inc.

Phonak, Inc.’s Astro™ Technology can be packaged in any custom hearing instrument model including the tiny CIC size. With its small size and location near the eardrum, the Astro CIC is designed to be acoustically efficient and almost invisible. The Astro CIC can be used with one, two or three programmable memories. This technology reportedly provides hearing professionals complete control over the programming and number of memories through the software. Patients are then able to switch between memories with a push-button on the faceplate. Other features of Astro include automatic volume adjustment and the choice of multi-channel WDRC or Super Compression.

Phonak, Inc., Warrenville, IL, 
(800) 777-7333


Qualitone CIC circuit choices in the analog line include the Ultra Power with 55 dB gain, compression and Class D circuitry. The programmable line includes Millennia II PT which has multi-channel compression and resonant peak control. Evolution and Quantum single-channel compression instruments feature anti-overload protection and numerous compression parameters. Qualitone’s Sapphire and Aries contain digital circuitry with feedback reduction, multi-faceted compression and frequency response shaping.

Qualitone, Minneapolis, MN
(800) 328-3897


Rexton 3D digital CICs feature the latest digital technology to produce superior sound quality, according to the company. The instrument includes three memories, six bands and provides various fitting options.

The CICs can be fit with Rexton-D2 digital circuit. Horizon5 programmable CICs have dual channel WDRC, two programmed memories and six programmable parameters. Horizon5 handles high input levels with low distortion. Horizon3 programmable CICs have two memories and five programmable parameters. They feature curvilinear compression and Class D circuitry for lower distortion and longer battery life. Rexton 3D, Rexton-D2 and Horizon hearing instruments are programmed with Connexx PC software.

Rexton Inc., Plymouth, MN
(800) 876-1141

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

The company reports that SIGNIATM is the world’s first hearing aid with ConTrastTM, a sophisticated speech processing system utilizing artificial intelligence that monitors the input signal, analyzes it and decides how to process the sound for optimum hearing in many environments. The PRISMATM CIC features digital signal processing, Voice Activity Detection, multiple channels and high resolution frequency response shaping and compression. The MUSIC® Digital CIC delivers advantages of the MUSIC® analog hearing instrument and more in a digital version. Siemens also offers programmable MUSIC®, INFINITITM 3 and InteliVenienceTM.

Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. Piscataway, NJ
(800) 766-4500

SONIC innovations

ALTAIR is based on SONIC innovations’ patented nine independent channel DSP circuitry and provides scale prescriptive accuracy for fitting. It contains digital signal processing and proprietary microchip technology found in SONIC innovations’ CONFORMA 2 SE and NATURA 2 SE products. ALTAIR also features program tones to alert patients of program changes and low battery. The device is available in CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE styles.

Also available from SONIC innovations is the NATURA 2 SE CIC featuring new personalized noise reduction technology. The company reports that this technology is based on an adaptive algorithm that processes signals in real-time by monitoring the sound environment and by being highly selective in reducing frequency specific noise in order to optimize the signal to noise ratio. The product allows the hearing care professional to configure the degree of noise reduction to fit the wearer’s needs. 

Sonic innovations, Salt Lake City, UT.
(888) 5-SONICI

Starkey Laboratories

Starkey’s newest CIC instrument is the Gemini Digital Hearing System, a multichannel Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Output Compression Limiting instrument featuring SoundScapesTM Digital Signal Processing. 

SoundScapes features an expanded dynamic range, custom filter design, in-situ audiometry and feedback management algorithm.

Other instruments offered by the company are Aries Digital Hearing System, Sirrus Custom Programmable, Sequel Multimemory/Multichannel Custom Programmable, Intelipro Custom Programmable and Series X Custom Amplifiers.

Starkey Labs Inc., Eden Prairie, MN.
(800) 328-8602

United Hearing Systems (UHS)

UHS introduces CANALMATE with IROS shell configurations for venting and UV acrylics for small construction. The shell is acrylic with removal tabs mounted through the plate and secured into the shell. It also features a standard wind/debris hood over the microphone. The device has three programmable amplifiers: K-AMP 3; EQ 2; and Ultima IV AGC-O. Its peak gain is up to 45 dB and its MPO is 115 dB. A subminiature receiver is included for fitting purposes.

United Hearing Systems, Plainfield, CT
(800) 835-2001

WIDEX Hearing Aid Company, Inc.

SENSO PLUS is a 100% digital CIC containing advanced circuitry developed from extensive research based upon cochlea behavior, according to the company. The features are Cross Channel Speech Intensification System (SIS), sound stablizer compression technology, Automatic Output Control (AOC), extended input dynamic range up to 100 dB SPL, Direct Digital Drive (DDD), sophisticated feedback management circuitry, long battery life and more. The device can be fit with Compass Fitting Software or with the portable LP2 programmer. Widex also offers the SENSO PLUS ITCs, ITEs, BTEs, Directional and Super Power BTEs. w

WIDEX Hearing Aid Company, Inc., Long Island City, NY.
(800) 221-0188