Germany-based hearing aid manufacturer, audifon, won a design award for its “saga R” hearing aid from iF Design Award 2015 in the medicine/health product category. The iF Design Award 2015 ceremony took place on February 27, 2015 in Munich, Germany. The company announced that this latest design award is the second such award bestowed upon new audifon products in recent months. Last summer, the audifon received a Red Dot Design Award for its fitting software, audifit 5.

The announcement from audifon characterizes the “saga R” hearing aid as “elegant and harmonious…and an excellent example of the perfect marriage of design and function in the smallest space.” The company reports that the aesthetic device has been tailored to the sensitive shape of the ear and creates its own harmony. The industrial design was reportedly created by gobrecht ID and developed in close collaboration with the production team at audifon.

“We are very happy about this award, and thanks must go to our highly motivated team which draws not only on experience and expertise but also on young, creative ideas,” Hartmut Richter, head of research and development at audifon said. “The ‘iF Design Award’ confirms our belief that successful product development must be consistently geared to the needs of customers. Using a new and efficient assembly concept, we were able to inspire our production team and continue to meet our own ‘Made in Germany’ quality standard.”

According to the announcement from audifon, the iF Design Award has been internationally recognized as a seal of quality in design achievements for more than 60 years. The iF name is established worldwide as a symbol for excellence in design services. The iF Design Award is conferred by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover, Germany.

Source: audifon