The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) announced the release of a driver education course in American Sign Language (ASL) for deaf or hard of hearing students. The course, which was required by Senate Bill 1051 (85th Texas Legislature), is “the first of its kind developed by a state agency in the United States,” according to TDLR’s press announcement.

The course is intended to provide minors and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing a way to fully participate in the classroom portion of the course, but they are not required to use it.

“TDLR is proud to make this driving course available for deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Being able to receive this information in ASL will allow for these students to have the same opportunity as their fellow Texans when taking a driver education course,” said Brian E. Francis, TDLR executive director. “And, once again, Texas leads the way in innovation.”

TDLR staff worked with ASL experts in Texas to develop a driver education course that serves the deaf or hard-of-hearing community and meets all driver education and traffic safety standards.

In addition to ASL, the course also contains a transcript and includes voiceovers in English to ensure accessibility of the highest standards.

The Driver Education Course in American Sign Language (ASL) must be taken through a TDLR-licensed driver education school for students to receive the certificate of completion that’s needed to complete the driver license application process.

Source: TDLR