The Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, San Diego, will conduct a series of free hearing conservation seminars titled, “What you need to hear: Best practices in hearing conservation.” The seminar, led by Brad Witt, MA, CCC-A, combines audio and visual demonstrations to convey hearing conservation principles in an engaging and practical way. Seminars will be conducted at a number of locations in the Northeast and Midwest US, and western Canada, and are open to hearing conservation program managers, safety managers, industrial hygienists, and like professionals.

Witt, who is audiology and regulatory affairs manager for the Bacou-Dalloz Hearing Safety Group, has earned high praise for his lively and informative presentation style, and has previously taken his hearing conservation seminar on the road in UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. This fall’s schedule will include stops in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Philadelphia in the Northeast; Dallas, St. Louis, and greater Chicago in the Midwest; and Vancouver and Calgary in western Canada.

Each free seminar lasts 3 and a half hours, and includes everything safety practitioners need to know about implementing an effective and compliant hearing conservation program. Topics include: the basics of hearing conservation; effects of noise-induced hearing loss; US OSHA and Canadian regulations; implementing an effective HC program; tips on selecting and fitting hearing protectors; and training and motivating workers to wear them.

The registration form for the free seminars is available at www.hearingportal.com.

[SOURCE: Bacou-Dalloz, October 2006]