Varibel BLU hearing glassesVaribel has announced the launch of its new hearing glasses, the Varibel BLU, that are designed to help people both hear and see in comfort. To support development, Varibel has been running a crowdfunding campaign on, which ends on February 14, 2016.

The Varibel BLU hearing glasses were conceived as a way to combine assistance for hearing and seeing at the same time. Each temple of the eyeglasses contains electronics and multiple tiny microphones that pick up sounds from the front, and separate them from background noise. The resulting sound is delivered to each ear by two tiny, nearly invisible wires. The wearer chooses what they hear by looking in the relevant direction.

Varibel BLU app

Varibel BLU app

Varibel BLU comes with an app for iPhone and Android smartphones that lets the wearer customize the listening experience by changing programs, volume, and high and low tones. Wearers can reportedly stream music wirelessly from their smartphone directly into their ears or pick up a telephone call with the side button on their glasses.

Hans Zwart, managing director at Varibel Innovations BV, reports that the company’s aim was to develop “disruptive technology” in the form of a pair of hearing glasses that uses high-tech in combination with  functionality and style. The Varibel BLU is intended to deliver wireless freedom and hassle-free listening.

Varibel BLU hearing glassesVaribel has turned to popular crowdfunding to support the development of the BLU hearing glasses. The funds raised via Indiegogo will be used to start production of the BLU in the near future and to develop it  further by making a smaller battery and, possibly, adding bone conduction. Those who help fund BLU on the Indiegogo site are offered “perks” for their support. For more information, visit the Varibel BLU campaign page.

Source: Varibel