Vancouver, Wash — The Starkey Hearing Foundation, Audigy Group ambassadors, and representatives from Operation Honduras have completed “Mission: Possible,” a hearing health charity mission that traveled from Pennsylvania to Honduras and distributed nearly 4,000 hearing aids to residents with limited access to hearing heath care.

The hearing health participants joined forces with Operation Honduras, a group of northeast Pennsylvania volunteers who go to Honduras annually. Operation Honduras’ goal is to improve the quality of life for orphans and those in need through medical and educational outreach.

Audigy and Starkey representatives shared their professional skills and fit an estimated 2,000 people over a tight 2-day period. Many recipients of the donated hearing aids endured extensive drives, ferry rides, and long lines to receive care.

The fittings reportedly allowed several native Hondurans to hear their own voices and the voices of their loved ones for the very first time.

Bill Austin, Starkey Hearing’s founder and CEO, also participated, personally testing each aid distributed.

Audigy representatives on the trip included AG members Jeanette Van Kessel, MA, of Central Oregon Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic; Pam Riley, AuD, of Darr & Associates, Indiana; Michele Gillentine, AuD, of Allen Hearing Clinic, Texas; Jacquie Elcox, BC-HIS, and Joe Cooper of Treasure Valley Hearing and Balance, Idaho; and Audigy Group corporate representatives Sarah Laughlin, Nichola Reynolds, and Chris Cox, AuD.


SOURCE: Audigy Group