Secaucus, NJ — Panasonic is introducing KX-TG6591T, a new cordless telephone with three proprietary features designed for people with hearing loss, low vision, and arthritis.

The new feature to help compensate for hearing loss is called Tone Equalizer, a frequency-boosting technology that allows users to hear conversations more clearly. Other new features in the new KX model address the needs of those with vision and dexterity issues from arthritis.

"Aside from being a stressful and frustrating effect of hearing loss, difficulty hearing on the telephone can negatively impact one’s quality of life," said Natalye Faison, AuD, audiologist, Panasonic Healthcare Group. "Many people with hearing loss find it especially difficult to hear certain sounds because their hearing loss may affect only a specific range of pitches. Panasonic’s new phones offer the flexibility to control the bass, mid-range or treble tones in a caller’s voice for maximum clarity."

The Tone Equalizer feature is included on all 2011 Panasonic cordless phones. Individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss can use a toggle switch on the handset to boost the frequencies they hear best in the callers’ voices, such as treble, mid-range, or bass, making it easier to understand the conversation.

The telephone also offers features to improve usability for people with low vision and arthritis, including talking caller ID, any-key answer, and a hands-free speakerphone on handset and base unit.

SOURCE: Panasonic Healthcare Group