Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, has recently introduced the Mini Power BTE, a new hearing solution based on its RISE microchip platform that addresses the needs of Power users. 

The product expands fitting potential for moderately to severely hearing impaired people with a range of small, robust, 13 battery solutions. Available across the company’s Epoq, Vigo, and Hit product families, the compact mini power solutions feature FM compatibility, long battery life, and an array of features and price points.

The Epoq XW, W, and V Mini Power BTE Power solutions feature advanced wireless capabilities and extended 10 kHz bandwidth for enhanced performance in the most difficult listening situations. The state-of-the-art Spatial Sound compression system helps to maintain the naturally occurring interaural difference between the signals arriving at the two ears, a key to a user’s ability to localize sound. 

With the addition of the Bluetooth Streamer, Epoq Power solutions connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled communication and entertainment devices such as landline and cell phones, TVs, MP3 players, personal computers, laptops, and radios.  Sound is streamed wirelessly from the Bluetooth devices to the user’s hearing devices.
This two-ear advantage is further enhanced with the new ConnectLine™ phone adapter that makes any landline phone Bluetooth-compatible. The adapter allows users to understand television at a volume that works for them anywhere in the room without disturbing other viewers.

Vigo Pro and Vigo Mini Power BTEs offer style, features, and performance in a mid-priced hearing solution. The Hit Pro and Hit Mini Power BTEs offer cost-conscious users who require higher amplification straightforward solutions that combine design, size, performance, handling capabilities, and value.

The new Mini Power BTEs are fully compatible with a range of FM solutions, such as the Amigo R12 FM receiver, the Oticon FM 9 adapter, and the slim DAI adapter AP 900.

[Source: Oticon]