“I gave earTunes a standing wave ovation!”—G.V. Bekesy; “I would give my left ear for earTunes!” V.V. Gogh. These are just a couple of the comments that have been logged in from the many people who have already visited earTunes, a Web site for audiologists and others in the hearing health care field.

According to the self-proclaimed “earGuys,” aka P. Dibby (Paul Dybala) and BoGus (Gus Mueller), the Web site slogan says it all: “Where music, audiology, and frivolity all live in harmony.” Special features of the Web site include: inFamous Musical Audiologists, unReal Audiology Songs, and The earTunes Collection.

inFamous Musical Audiologists: Where else can you finally read about the real story regarding such notables as David “DFab” Fabry? Ever listened to Patti “P-Cake” McCarthy do bucket drumming? And really, where else can you find out where Jerry “Flaming Lips” Northern got his start. Of course—it’s all there at earTunes.com.

unReal Audiology Songs: These are songs about important things like Acronym Jim, “Had To Do Bone,” “Beep,” and of course, “Earwax” (and its removal). You can listen to the studio recordings of many of these songs (mostly recorded in-tune), actually performed by real audiologists.

The earTunes Collection: Where mainstream music (and not-so-mainstream) meets ear and hearing related themes. Song titles, album titles, songs lyrics, and the name of groups are all fair game. Even one hit wonders such as “Thirsty Ears” and “Turn Your Hearing Aid Down” are cataloged.

[SOURCE: earTunes, September 2006]