Neuroscience company Cognivue, Inc has hired Jason Agran, MD, PhD, as its chief medical officer and senior vice president, effective February 7, 2022. Dr Agran brings a wealth of experience in neurosurgery, neuroimaging, memory study, attention modulation, and emergency medicine to the role, according to the company’s announcement. He succeeds Fred Ma, MD, PhD, who is retiring.

Cognivue President and CEO Tom O’Neill said, “We are very excited to welcome Dr Agran to Cognivue. Leading our clinical and medical affairs team, Jason lends significant expertise for ongoing and future clinical validation studies, programs, projects, and technology. His neuroscience experience is invaluable as we further cognitive assessment technologies, data collection, and training programs in healthcare settings across North America.”

Jason Agran, MD, PhD

Agran said, “I am very pleased to join the Cognivue team and work to further validate and expand the clinical indications for digital cognitive health assessment.  As we continue to refine our clinical analyses of Cognivue Clarity and Thrive data points, we will be in a position to ultimately help even more at-risk patient populations.”

Agran completed his medical, research, and post-doctoral training at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, studying memory, attention modulation, and novel neuroimaging techniques at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology.  

Agran then entered residency training in neurosurgery, adding a year of clinical fellowship in functional neurosurgery, before being recruited to lead the research and development team at Medtronic Neuro.  As the director of global research for the restorative therapies group, he was responsible for all neuromodulation and neuro-targeted drug delivery R&D activities and his department developed and refined novel technologies for the treatment of neurologic dysfunction, degeneration, and pain in cellular, animal, and human pre-clinical studies. 

Agran then shifted his focus to training on the frontlines of emergency medicine, completing a second residency at the University of Florida and serving as chief resident.  Agran is board-certified in emergency medicine and is currently in clinical practice.  

He will split his time between his home in Georgia, Cognivue’s headquarters in Rochester, NY, and on the road with partners and customers.

Source: Cognivue

Image: Cognivue