Clarity, Chattanooga, Tenn, a supplier of communications solutions for older Americans, introduces the ClarityLife C900, a user-friendly amplified mobile phone that doubles as an emergency response device. 

It is available unlocked, which means it can be used on any GSM network, such as T-Mobile and AT&T.  

It’s features include:

  • Amplification: 20-decibel amplification helps seniors with hearing loss.
  • Safety: A one-touch emergency help button on the back of the phone calls and sends text messages to five preprogrammed numbers, such as those of family, friends, neighbors, or emergency personnel. It cycles through the contacts until someone is reached.
  • Simplicity: Four-button operation aids in navigation and dialing. The oversized buttons on the front of the phone allow users to easily navigate their top contacts.
  • Vision: The phone features a full, slide-out keypad with large numbers and the screen is twice the size of a normal phone, with magnified text and bright back-lighting.

The phone is hearing-aid compatible, and features a strong, vibrating ringer, a flashing orange LED that signals incoming calls, and a flashlight.

The company specializes in telephony for people with hearing loss.