Barbara Kelley

Barbara Kelley

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Barbara Kelley as the new executive director of HLAA, effective immediately.

Hired by HLAA Founder Rocky Stone in 1988, Kelley has been a part of the organization’s growth, beginning with editing the first issues of the SHHH Journal and, more recently, the award-winning Hearing Loss Magazine. She has also helped manage the office team and worked on many of the HLAA programs.

“Barbara’s commitment to HLAA is unquestionable,” said Margaret Wallhagen, PhD, chairperson of the Board. “Her 28 years of dedicated service to the organization in various roles is exemplary. She has not only shown great leadership and fortitude in stepping into the acting executive director role this past January, but also expresses a vision for the future that exemplifies an understanding of the needs of persons with hearing loss. We have every confidence she will transition smoothly into the official executive director role.”

According to HLAA Board member Jan Blustein, MD, PhD, Kelley has won the admiration of the HLAA community. Although Blustein led a search committee to find a new executive director after the departure of Anna Gilmore Hall, she explained that the search team “found deep support for [Kelley’s] candidacy within HLAA and among our outside stakeholders. Her blend of abilities, talents, and familiarity with HLAA’s environment is just what we were looking for in our next executive director.”

“It has been my life’s work to contribute to the mission of the organization through a range of activities,” said Kelley upon the announcement of her new role at HLAA. “I look forward to using my history and knowledge of the organization to ensure that HLAA remains the valued consumer voice for people with hearing loss in both shaping public policy and helping people live well with hearing loss. I look forward to working with our members, board, supporters and staff in my role as executive director.”

Source: Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)