Global sports and entertainment company Topgolf announced that every US venue will offer a golf instruction and networking event for guests with hearing impairments on Sunday, September 30, from 2-3 p.m. This special Topgolf Coach class, hosted in honor of the International Week of the Deaf, will be tailored to teach all skill levels the fundamentals of the game in a relaxed and social setting. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will also be present at all venues during the classes.

“As American Sign Language users, we are thrilled to see Topgolf take the initiative to support and accommodate the deaf and hard- of-hearing community, along with recognizing deaf-led organizations such as Deaf Action Center,” said Deaf Action Center Interpreting Department Manager Eric Patterson. “This type of forward thinking that Topgolf is presenting not only brings much- needed exposure to our culture and language, but also shows their inclusivity and commitment to all cultures and languages.”

In addition to the complimentary class on September 30, Topgolf will be unveiling a safety and instructional video in ASL that can be accessed on every game panel for any guest with a hearing disability. This will be the first video available on the Topgolf game screen and aims to make the guest experience at Topgolf more comfortable and inclusive, according to the company’s announcement.

Topgolf ASL screen

Topgolf ASL screen

“At Topgolf, we care greatly about being everyone’s game,” said Topgolf CEO Dolf Berle. “We hope that all members of the deaf community will join us for this opportunity as we celebrate this day which honors them across the globe.”

Topgolf’s energetic, beginner-friendly, 60-minute class is built around a variety of drills to help improve body motions and make each individual’s golf swing intuitive and free-flowing. One hour of instruction will include:

  • Warm-up and Review of the Basics – grip, stance, posture, wedges, irons, and woods;
  • Drill Stations – individuals to work as two-person teams,
  • Intro to Competition – instructors will direct individuals in how to use their newly learned skills to play Topgolf games.

All Topgolf coaches know how to bring about improvement for their students by customizing their teaching method to match their student’s personalities, skill levels, and goals. Each coach is said to go through a rigorous certification program with access to video-analysis tools and high-tech games to demonstrate trackable progress for their students.

With a maximum of 12 individuals per class, interested individuals should register early for their complimentary session at For information regarding Topgolf’s golf instruction program, visit

Source: Topgolf

Images: Topgolf