Naerum, Denmark — The Oticon Foundation has awarded a grant of $ 6.4 million to the Ida Institute to continue the non-profit Institute’s contributions to a substantial and positive paradigm shift within the field of audiology.

Established in 2007 with a grant from the Oticon Foundation, the Ida Institute has focussed on move to more patient-centered care with an approach to collaborative learning, innovative tools, and networking forums. The new funding will enable the Denmark-based Institute to continue to concentrate on content development, e-learning initiatives, academic programs, network expansion and dissemination of proprietary methods and tools.

“The Oticon Foundation is fully behind the Ida Institute’s effort towards assuring a more successful patient journey for hearing loss patients,” said Niels Boserup, chairman of the Oticon Foundation. “We believe that the Institute is an important contributor to a substantial and positive paradigm shift that will enable hearing care professionals to work together with their patients and achieve better outcomes by addressing the human dynamics of hearing loss.”

The Oticon Foundation funding will enable the Ida Institute to continue to create opportunities for hearing care professionals to participate in its unique brand of collaborative learning with international seminars, regional and national workshops, targeted media and network communications and development of innovative, practical and actionable tools. The Institute will also continue to collaborate with universities and other academic organizations to introduce Institute-generated curricula and teaching protocols to a new generation of hearing care practitioners.

SOURCE: The Ida Institute