Toronto — Vivosonic Inc has announced a partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services Cooperative (MAGNET), one of the largest hospital group purchasing organizations in the United States. The agreement offers MAGNET participating facilities the Aurix™ newborn hearing screening system at a significantly discounted price.

Aurix is an automated auditory brainstem response (AABR) system with technology that can screen infants while awake, thus reducing the need to reschedule testing because a baby is alert. Aurix can also reduce the need to re-screen due to false positive results. In addition, less variability in test time can facilitate scheduling with greater accuracy, potentially saving facilities time and cost through improved efficiency.

Vivosonic reports that using Kalman Weighted Averaging and proprietary technology, Aurix provides superior response detection and better handling of myogenic artifact. On average, screening time is 2 minutes per ear. The system is designed for use in the NICU, where other devices can perform poorly due to high magnetic and electrical interference.

Aurix is also wireless, a feature that can help users to screen newborns more easily without cords or wires getting in the way.

Mike Schnekenburger, Vivosonic’s COO and general manager, commented in the press release, “Both MAGNET and Vivosonic are committed to delivering reliable, high quality products and services to health care providers. We anticipate that participating facilities will benefit greatly from this close working relationship.”

SOURCE: Vivosonic and Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services Cooperative