Amplifon, a provider in hearing care services and solutions, has partnered for the first time with La Scala Theatre in Milan, with a campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of responsible listening and hearing loss prevention at all ages.

For the current season, Amplifon will support the “Invitation to La Scala” initiative, a program of mid-week concerts and ballets aimed at making La Scala Theatre productions more accessible to the young and seniors. Over 20,000 people take part in the program each season.

“On the occasion of our 75th year of activity, for the first time, we are launching a collaboration with La Scala Theatre for a project that brings children and seniors closer to classical music, strengthening the link between Amplifon, music and responsible listening,” says Susan Carol Holland, Chair of Amplifon. “We are particularly proud of this partnership, which unites an Italian company like Amplifon, founded in Milan and now present in 26 countries on 5 continents, with one of the world’s most famous cultural institutions in Milan and Italy.” 

The partnership with La Scala Theatre is part of Amplifon’s “Listen Responsibly” communication project is aimed to raise public awareness of hearing-loss prevention particularly among young people. The “Invitation to La Scala” program includes four concerts and six ballet performances scheduled until the end of November.

And it is at La Scala Theatre that, in recent weeks, the Amplifon Foundation presented its “Kindness Manifesto”, an initiative conceived and promoted by the Amplifon Group’s corporate foundation to promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable people. 

The project aims to stimulate a collective reflection on the importance of encouraging kindness as an action and a habit to be cultivated and trained in everyday life.

Featured image: La Scala Theatre in Milan. Photo: Amplifon