Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, says a survey it has underwritten of 250 older Americans—Baby Boomers—and 250 children of Boomers has revealed that 72% of Boomers believe their hearing is average or better, but their children disagree. The findings show a significant disconnect between Boomers and their children about the severity and perceived consequences of their hearing loss, according to Siemens.

Survey findings:

  • Some 70% of those with a Boomer father have suggested that their father have his hearing tested, and 64% have suggested the same for their Boomer mother. Only 35% of Boomers say a family member has suggested they have their hearing tested. Some 75% of these Boomers currently do not use nor are they considering hearing aids. Only 12% of Boomers are considering using hearing aids, but they haven’t started the buying process.
  • Children of Boomers also noted that they attribute their parents’ increased feelings of anger, isolation, and depression to hearing loss. Some 54% of respondents said they perceive depression in their father, and 50% report the same for their mother because of a lack of hearing. Similarly, 53% of children perceive isolation on the part of their father and 49% for their mother. Fifty-eight percent of children respondents perceive anger on the part of their father, while 50% feel the same about their mother.

Applied Research conducted the Web-based survey on behalf of Siemens Hearing in May 2009, polling 250 Boomer respondents between the ages of 50 and 75, and 250 children of Boomers whose mother and father are both living and within the 50 to 75 age category, according to Siemens.

[Source: Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc]