The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), Lexington, Ky, is accepting nominations for the 2010 Joel Wernick and Leo Doerfler awards, which support ADA’s aims to advance practitioner excellence, high ethical standards, professional autonomy, and sound business practices in the provision of quality audiologic care.

“There is no higher honor than peer recognition, and the awards committee is very excited to release an open call for nominations from ADA members and constituents to recognize best practitioners and best practices in our profession,” said Henry P. Trahan, AuD, ADA awards committee chair.

The organization will present the Joel Wernick Award to recognize an outstanding educational contribution within the profession of audiology or hearing science. Eligibility for this award is open to all individuals, institutions, and organizations. First presented in 1989, it honors Joel Wernick, PhD, who was an active supporter of the Academy from its inception in 1977, until his death in 1988 at the age of 48. Wernick was a prominent scientist, teacher, author, and industry executive who exemplified service through his commitment to dispenser education and his willingness to share his knowledge to benefit his peers and the profession. A beloved figure within the audiology profession, his life reflected standards of excellence melding rich personal and professional interests and good humor. Click here for the Wernick Award nomination form.

The Leo Doerfler Award will be presented to an audiologist who has demonstrated outstanding clinical services in the community throughout his or her career. Eligibility for the Doerfler Award is open to ADA members who are private practitioners. This award, created in 2003, honors Doerfler, ADA ‘s founding president and a practitioner who is remembered as one of audiology’s pioneers. In 1948, Doerfler became the second person in history to earn a PhD in audiology, after which he founded the audiology program at the University of Pittsburgh. He defied convention and defined the future of the audiology profession when, at 57, he left academia to start a private dispensing audiology practice. Doerfler was an early leader in the movement to make the AuD the professional doctorate in audiology. The Doerfler Award is the ADA’s most prestigious professional recognition. Click here for the Doerfler Award nomination form.

View past recipients of the two awards by clicking here.

The deadline for submitting nominations is September 1.

Contact Stephanie Czuhajewski at [email protected], or visit  for more information about the nomination process.

[Source: ADA]