A new senate bill signed into law will require all hearing instruments offered for sale in Illinois to be accompanied by a 30-business day return privilege, effective Jan. 1, 2024. 

Senate Bill 767—which was sponsored by State Senator Laura Fine and signed into law Friday, Dec. 8, 2023—aims to strengthen consumer protections for the purchase of hearing aids, according to a news release from Senator Fine.

“Hearing aids are important tools to help those with hearing loss communicate in ways they are most comfortable with,” says Fine (D-Glenview). “This legislation will ensure consumers have the protection of a 30-day return period so if a hearing aid is not supporting their communication needs, they will be able to return them for an alternative.”

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The new law “provides that if a nonrefundable dispensing fee or restocking fee, or both, will be withheld from the consumer in event of return, the terms must be clearly stated on the receipt or contract provided to the consumer.

Earlier this year, Fine passed a bill that required all hearing instruments and hearing aids to be dispensed or sold in accordance with the U.S. FDA and the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations. This law also permits the waiver of a prescription for a hearing aid if the individual is over 18.

The recently-based Senate Bill 767 aims to give consumers more confidence when purchasing a hearing aid, according to Fine.

“Like all technology, some hearing aids may be faulty and can be easily replaced by manufacturers,” says Fine. “We need to have return periods in place so consumers are able to do so, and this law will give consumers more peace of mind when making this significant purchase.”

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