Wearable Health Solutions launched a new DTC website to sell its personal emergency response systems (PERS) globally.

Wearable Health Solutions Inc, a provider of wearable health solutions, announced the launch of its new direct-to-consumer (DTC) website, 1800medalert.com.

The website aims to bring their innovative personal emergency response systems (PERS) to customers worldwide through a user-friendly online platform.

According to a recent market research report by Bloomberg, the global Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market is expected to generate revenue of $8.2 billion by 2028. The growing aging population, increased awareness about personal safety, and advancements in wearable technology are driving the demand for PERS globally. Wearable Health Solutions aims for a strong foothold in the growing Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) market.

The company intends to streamline operational efficiencies and implement pricing strategies to maximize profitability while delivering value to customers. The DTC focus aims to increase margins and profitability and further supports management’s plans to increase market share and brand awareness.

The newly launched Direct-to-Consumer website will serve as a global gateway for customers to access a range of personal emergency response systems, enhancing safety and peace of mind.

Wearable Health Solutions’ personal emergency response systems offer real-time monitoring, fall detection, two-way communication, GPS tracking, and more. With innovative features and 24/7 monitoring services, individuals can confidently navigate their daily lives, knowing that help is just a button away.

“We are excited to introduce our new Direct-to-Consumer website and expand our global reach,” said Harrysen Mittler, CEO of Wearable Health Solutions Inc. “Through this online platform and our robust digital marketing initiatives, we aim to make our innovative wearable health solutions easily accessible to individuals around the world, ensuring their safety and well-being.”

As a player in the wearable tech industry, Wearable Health Solutions Inc. is committed to providing exceptional solutions that address the growing demand for personal safety and proactive wellness monitoring.

The company is working with its product engineers to develop an iHelp MAX charging/docking station that will act as a home smart speaker and a PERS digital health watch, all with hands-free voice commands, intuitive technologies, and Chat GTP plug-ins under the iHelp brand name for users and the circle of care to track the wellness of individuals.