On June 13, Starkey Hearing Technologies welcomed more than 150 local, young professionals and students to the company’s headquarters for the 2019 Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit. The annual summit brings together industry leaders to share their knowledge and insights on how to develop leadership skills, adapt to an ever-changing society, and thrive within a chosen career path.


Founder and CEO of College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors, Joe Keeley, opened the summit with an  presentation on entrepreneurship and his company’s journey from a dorm room to the actual market. The day continued with various breakout sessions led by other business leaders and provided the opportunity to host conversations about professional growth, emotional intelligence in the workplace, self-advocacy, and motivation to innovate. The day concluded with President Brandon Sawalich speaking on the summit’s theme: “Lead. Adapt. Thrive.”

“You’ve got to keep moving forward,” Sawalich said. “You have to take risks and accept the failures that might come with them. But always remember that tomorrow is a new day.”

Starkey enjoyed hosting this group of bright, budding business leaders, and is proud to invest in our community and help encourage the next generation to keep leading, keep adapting, and keep thriving.

Source: Starkey Hearing Technologies

Images: Starkey Hearing Technologies