Frequency Therapeutics, Inc, (Nasdaq: FREQ) shared a statement from David L. Lucchino, Frequency’s Chief Executive Officer, in support of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and its efforts to advance the voice of the patient in leading “the first-ever Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development (EL-PFDD) meeting on sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).”

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Patient-Focused Drug Development meetings are designed to provide the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) an opportunity to hear directly from patients, their families, caregivers, and advocates on the impact of disease on daily life and their experiences with currently available interventions. This input helps inform the FDA’s decisions and oversight both during drug development and review of marketing applications for new drugs. This is the first program focused specifically on SNHL, the most common form of hearing loss.

SNHL typically results from damage to the inner ear, also called the cochlea. This damage may occur due to chronic noise exposure, aging, certain viral infections, or exposure to drugs that are toxic to the ear. This type of damage impacts hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide.

The statement appears below:

HLAA has been empowering patients with hearing loss for decades and continues to be at the forefront of championing the needs of individuals impacted by hearing loss. Their efforts are essential to elevating the voice of patients and caregivers by building awareness of the need for greater access to treatment and to advance new areas of innovation. As ongoing research and development progresses for a wide range of therapeutics and modalities to potentially repair or restore hearing, understanding the benefits and gaps in the current standard of care will be crucial in helping inform future discussions on the role of new treatment options for patients and providers. HLAA’s impact is evident by the breadth of organizations they have convened for this meeting, spotlighting the extent of the need for new advances in the field of hearing and the impact of hearing health on overall health. Their work to drive this EL-PFDD meeting will provide a crucial window into the lives of individuals who struggle with sensorineural hearing loss, the impact of the condition on their quality of life and the need to bring new solutions to patients in this underserved area of medicine.

The Externally-Led Patient Focused Drug Development meeting on SNHL will be held on Tuesday, May 25, from 10 AM to 3 PM EST. Interested parties may register for the virtual interactive meeting through HLAA’s website:

Source: Frequency Therapeutics, HLAA