With the help of 188 hearing care practices in 42 states, ReSound announced that 249 people received 498 ReSound ONE hearing aids free of charge as part of the annual  “Gift of Hearing” campaign

“Through this joint philanthropic effort, we look to support hearing care professionals who everyday make life sound better for people in their communities,” said Mikkel Knudsen, President, ReSound US Commercial. “It’s truly amazing to see how many practices all across the country gave their time to give this wonderful gift of hearing.” 

Launched in 2020, ReSound partners with hearing care professionals in the annual Gift of Hearing campaign to donate care and technology to people with hearing loss who are experiencing financial hardship. Each participating practice received a set of ReSound ONE with M&RIE hearing aids to award to a nominated patient determined by that practice.

Today, 250 million Americans live with hearing loss, yet only one in five people who could benefit from hearing aids do so. “We want to help when someone cannot access quality hearing care and technology,” says Knudsen. “Many thanks to all the hearing care professionals who made a difference.”

The 2022-23 Gift of Hearing campaign will return in November, recruiting participating practices who can donate their set of hearings aids through March 2023. 

ReSound Gift of Hearing Campaign Impact | 2021-2022 – YouTube

Source: ReSound

Image/Media: ReSound, YouTube