Listen Technologies Corporation announced that it will provide ListenTALK, its 3-in-1 mobile communication system, to support all Integrated Experience Tours and Show Floor Tours at InfoComm 2022.

AVIXA will host multiple Integrated Experience Tours around Las Vegas during InfoComm. InfoComm attendees will see actual AV deployments during these off-site tours and hear from the creators behind them. Tours include the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Arcadia Earth, Illuminarium Experiences, Las Vegas nightclubs, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, and AREA15. AVIXA is also offering Show Floor Tours at the Las Vegas Convention Center June 8-9, 2022. Industry experts will lead tours of different areas of the show floor organized by technology and application.  

ListenTALK “helps people hear in any environment and overcome the challenges that distance, background noise, hearing loss, language, and face coverings pose to clear communication. It is ideal for assistive listening, language interpretation, and guided tours like the ones offered at InfoComm,” according to the company.

“Listen Technologies is thrilled participants in InfoComm 2022 Integrated Experience and Show Floor tours will experience the audio clarity and elegant simplicity of ListenTALK in real applications,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO, Listen Technologies. “We are honored to support AVIXA and its partners to ensure tours at this year’s InfoComm are exceptional and enhance attendees’ overall experiences.” 

ListenTALK features a small, lightweight transceiver (combined transmitter/receiver) that users can wear around their neck and plug into personal, or venue-provided, headphones or headsets. To speak, users press and hold a button on the transceiver. Clear audio is transmitted to other transceivers paired to their ListenTALK unit. Users can hear as far away as 100 meters indoors and 200 meters outdoors. 

Transceivers are grouped in a docking station or by tapping units together using near-field communication (NFC). Leaders in each group choose how their group communicates by selecting one of three communication modes: Listen only, respond, and discuss. Leaders can switch between communication modes. 

In addition to guided tours, ListenTALK can be used for transmitting language interpretation and simplifies simultaneous interpretation, according to the company.

Up to 20 simultaneous groups can be created, and languages can be interpreted in the same space in North America and Japan, and up to 30 simultaneous languages can be interpreted in the same space in Europe.  

InfoComm is “an ideal setting to showcase the power and versatility of ListenTALK,” the company says, as “the Las Vegas Convention Center is a large, open space where tour participants may be separated from each other and the tour leader by distance or crowds.” ListenTALK will “help ensure participants hear clearly over background noise and distance and help participants hear and engage in various indoor and outdoor integrated experience tours taking place around Las Vegas.”

Listen Technologies will provide 128 ListenTALK transceivers with 8 lightweight charging cases and various accessories, including headphones and microphone options for leaders, to AVIXA for use during tours at InfoComm.  

Important considerations for systems supporting multiple, consecutive mobile tours like those at InfoComm are operating time (battery life) and charging capacity. ListenTALK features that ensure transceiver units are ready and will function for the duration of tours include: 

Long battery life – ListenTALK transceivers charge quickly (4 hours from empty to full charge). The operating life is 7 to 8 hours for leader units and 12 hours for participant units, the company says.

Dual functionality of transceivers – Every ListenTALK transceiver can send or receive audio. “Leader” transceivers are assigned by adding a red clip to the unit. When there is not enough time to charge leader units between tours, users can exchange the leader unit (remove the red clip) for another fully charged transceiver and designate that unit a “leader” by adding the red clip.  

Charging between tours – A ListenTALK charging case contains a full tray of 16 transceivers. Transceivers can be dropped into spaces in the tray between use and will charge when the case is plugged into a power source. Users can see the charge level of each unit by pressing a button on the top of the tray. 

“We are excited to be working with Listen Technologies to ensure our new Integrated Experience Tours at premier venues throughout Las Vegas and our popular Show Floor Tours at the convention center are positive and engaging activities for participants that enhance their overall experience at InfoComm 2022,” said Marcella Walsh, content manager, AVIXA. “InfoComm selected ListenTALK for its audio clarity, reliability, and ease of use. Our tour leaders need a communication solution they can trust will perform so they can focus on leading great tours.” 

Additional ListenTALK benefits include: 

  • Flexibility – ListenTALK can be used for one-way or two-way communication and tour leaders can switch between modes on the fly during tours. 
  • Security – ListenTALK operates on a low interference DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) band and includes encryption for secure and stable communications. 
  • Safety – ListenTALK transceivers can be sanitized between use with a disinfecting wipe. They also are compatible with standard earbuds and headsets (Listen Technologies will provide headsets for tour participants who need them). 

To learn more about ListenTALK and other wireless listening systems from Listen Technologies, visit Booth W1323 at InfoComm or To learn more about tours at InfoComm, visit Show Floor Tours and Integrated Experience Tours.   

Source: Listen Technologies

Images: Listen Technologies