Oticon marketing conference presenters

Oticon DRIVE Marketing Conference, keynote speakers Karen Post, and David Meerman Scott joined members of the Oticon Marketing Team: David Roback, Stephanie Young, Sheena Oliver, Nancy Palmere, and Mary Porath. L-R back: D Roback, D Meerman Scott, S Young, K Post, S Oliver, R McGuire; L-R front: N Palmere, M Porath.

The Oticon Drive Marketing Conference, held August 12-14 in Charlotte, NC, invited more than 160 hearing care professionals to explore new marketing approaches and tools to accelerate practice growth in a highly competitive hearing care marketplace. During two days of presentations and workshops, conference participants discovered how to cut through marketing overload to reach the consumers that are most vital to their practice success.

“There is no question that consumers today suffer from marketing overload,” said Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver, AuD, MBA. “A study by Media Dynamics Inc estimates that the average consumer is exposed to upwards of 360 ads per day. Through knowledge-sharing events like the Drive Marketing Conference, we aim to help our professional partners find ways to increase the effectiveness and reach of all aspects of their marketing programs.”

Marketing to Motivate Action and Practice Growth

Karen Post, President of Brain Tattoo Branding and an internationally recognized consultant and business authority, gave conference participants guidelines for taking their practice marketing to a higher level by emphasizing benefit-driven results that motivate action. She outlined strategies to create a memorable practice brand that adds value to the client experience and generates brand loyalty.

Best-selling author and social media guru David Meerman Scott shared his unique perspective on the value of social media, delivered in real time, for practice growth. Conference participants discovered meaningful, measurable and low-cost or no-cost strategies to educate, inform and move consumer audiences to action.

Throughout the conference, interactive workshops introduced participants to both new and proven marketing tools to increase lead generation and customer engagement. Practitioners gained a deeper understanding of the value of Oticon’s consumer insight-driven marketing approach, looking at the newest Oticon Opn™ consumer marketing creatives and PR strategies.

They also learned how the Oticon Multi-Channel Automation Platform (MAP) enables a quick, easy and highly effective way to automate multi-channel marketing efforts — saving time, cost and effort while improving return on investment.

“Together with Oticon’s ongoing business support and events like the Oticon Drive Marketing Conference, we aim to empower hearing care professionals to increase success for their practice and for the consumers they serve,” said Oliver.

Source: Oticon