P. Lauritsen, M. Baranauskas,  J. Salz, Oticon Event

Pictured left to right: Oticon President Peer Lauritsen; Marija Baranauskas, AuD, director of education and training for Oticon; and presenter Jeff Salz, PhD, anthropologist, author and Discovery Channel personality, at Oticon’s recent knowledge-sharing event.

Oticon, Somerset, NJ, announced that its 3-day knowledge-sharing event in Orlando, February 27-March 1, was a success, drawing more than 1,100 US hearing care professionals. Oticon reports that the event, titled “A Revolution for the Senses,” included presentations by experts, hands-on workshops, and informal discussions that challenged participants to transform their thinking on a range of topics related to their patients, practice, and professional goals.

“Our aim is to empower hearing care professionals to revolutionize the way their patients think about and experience the benefits of hearing care and hearing solutions,” said Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “Innovative technologies play a central role in achieving that transformation. Equally importantly is the practitioner’s ability to re-focus the conversation from a technology choice to a health-driven decision based on true patient benefit.”

According to Oticon’s announcement, a mind-set change to Hearing Care is Health Care was a recurring theme as presenters shared new research and insights into the human experience of sound. Julian Treasure, chair of the Sound Agency and author of Sound Business, discussed the effects of sound and its impact on health, productivity, and relationships. Helen Amieva, PhD, professor of Psycho-Gerontology at the University of Bordeaux, France, shared new research on how hearing, hearing loss, and the use of amplification contribute to overall cognitive health.

S. Oliver, M. Irby, K. Cedor, J. Dria, R. Condie and S. Myhre

Pictured left to right: Oticon VP of Marketing Sheena Oliver, AuD/MBA, and Oticon’s Mike Irby, midwest regional manager; Kelly Cedor, northeast regional manager; Jason Dria, business development manager; Ronda Condie, US education and training specialist; and Steven Myhre, US education and training specialist, at the Oticon event.

In his presentation, Donald Schum, PhD, Oticon’s vice president of audiology and professional relations, emphasized the importance of providing technology that can make auditory input reliable. Psychologist Anne-Mette Mohr, director of House of Hearing and Interdisciplinary Healthclinic, Copenhagen, Denmark, discussed the psychological dimensions associated with tinnitus and hearing loss and shared new resources to help patients with tinnitus move forward.

Oticon’s Vice President of Marketing, Sheena Oliver, AuD, led a team discussion on the next generation of the company’s BrainHearing technology. Participants were introduced to the newest additions to Oticon’s Performance Line, powered by the new Inium Sense Platform processor.

Jeff Salz, PhD, anthropologist, author and Discovery Channel personality, offered his perspective on the challenges and opportunities hearing care professionals face today – from a competitive marketplace to rising consumer expectations and goals. Workshop sessions provided event participants practical experience with the Oticon Drive marketing program and some of the company’s tools, including Tinnitus SoundSupport, a new feature available in select Performance Line solutions.

Source: Oticon