Fourteen-year-old Nora Keegan from Calgary, Alberta is one of three plenary speakers at The Institute of Noise Control Engineering’s (INCE-USA) NOISE-CON from November 16-20, 2020, INCE-USA announced.  Keegan’s presentation at NOISE-CON is based on her recently published study of the potential for hearing damage caused by washroom hand dryers. Keegan’s study lead to discussions with commercial hand dryer manufacturers and was covered by national media. 

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Featured NOISE-CON keynote speakers include Dr Lily Wang, University of Nebraska—Lincoln presenting research on restaurant noise and Dr Juliette W. Ioup, University of New Orleans, who will share noise control research on marine mammals in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  

NOISE-CON brings together engineers and scientists working in the field of noise control, acoustics, and vibration to network and exchange ideas about their profession. Conference sponsors are the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC), PLITEQ, and Toyota. For more information and to see the online conference agenda, visit:

“NOISE-CON features more than 120 papers, 40 data-rich technical sessions, and three plenaries over five days from November 16-20,” said Gordon Ebbitt, 2020 NOISE-CON general chairman, INCE. “NOISE-CON’s sessions are presented by noise control engineers, scientists and technical experts and explore noise control solutions in the air, on the ground, and under the sea.  This is a ‘must-attend’ event for noise control and acoustics professionals.”

About NOISE-CON Keynotes

Keynote:  The Acoustic Experience in Restaurants

Monday, November 16, 11 AM ET

Dr Lily Wang, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Restaurant noise is a common complaint and can lead to hearing damage.  Dr Wang will present recent research aimed at characterizing restaurant acoustics in real-world settings to understand how sound levels in operating restaurants vary with occupancy and the levels of ambient noise sources, as well as how specific architectural and design features such as seating style and density may contribute to the acoustic experience.

Keynote:  Loud Hand Dryers Close to Children’s Ears and Hearing Damage 

Wednesday, November 18, 11 AM ET
Nora Keegan  

Beginning her research at age nine, Keegan recently concluded her study on hand dryers by publishing her findings in the journal Pediatrics & Child Health in 2019.  

Keynote:  Underwater Acoustic Noise Effects on Marine Mammals in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Thursday November 19, 11 AM ET 

Dr Juliette W. Ioup, University of New Orleans

Dr Ioup will discuss research studying the anthropogenic soundscapes of the Gulf of Mexico and their impact on marine mammals.  This research was conducted as part of The Littoral Acoustic Demonstration Center (LADC). LADC was formed in early 2001 to utilize Environmental Acoustic Recording Systems (EARS) buoys developed by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVICEANO). 

Source: INCE-USA