On September 27, the HearStrong Foundation, Syracuse, NY, celebrated two HearStrong Champions in two different states. Since its founding in January, HearStrong has honored many HearStrong Champions across the country for their perseverance in overcoming their hearing loss and inspiring others to do the same. But last Friday marked the first time the foundation celebrated two Champions at two different ceremonies in two different states in one day.

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Former basketball stars Tom Hoover (l) and Albert
King (r) lent an assist to the
 HearStrong Foundation
in honoring Joshua

In the morning, the foundation honored Joshua McGriff at Oticon in Somerset, NJ. Joined by former basketball stars Tom Hoover and Albert King, McGriff received his official HearStrong medal and champion certificate. Diagnosed with hearing loss as an infant, McGriff refused to let it keep him from experiencing his life and accomplishing his dreams of playing basketball. With the assistance of his hearing devices, McGriff was able to not only lead his high school team in blocks, rebounds, and scores, but also represent the United States as a member of the men’s basketball team at the 2013 Deaflympics in Bulgaria. Currently, he is studying studio art and digital media at Gallaudet University.

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The HearStrong Foundation also honored on the same
day Bradley Peterson in DuBois, Pa.

In the evening, the foundation honored Bradley Peterson in DuBois, Pa. Peterson is a high-school junior who overcame his hearing loss to live his dream of playing on his school’s football team. To make the ceremony as special as possible for him, his family, and his community, the foundation honored him on his 50-yard line, just minutes before he and his team took the field to play their homecoming game.

The HearStrong Foundation, which was established by EarQ, strives to recognize the accomplishments of those who have overcome hearing loss and live their lives to the fullest. Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, the foundation is a worldwide advocate for hearing loss awareness, education, and support.

For more information about the foundation, or to nominate a HearStrong Champion, contact: [email protected]

Source: HearStrong Foundation