AuricalAudiology Systems, a US distributor of top-brand products, audiology and vestibular equipment, announced that an improved version of Aurical is now available to hearing care professionals in the United States. A special Aurical training course will soon be available as well. According to the announcement, Aurical is a complete, modular fitting solution by Otometrics that is powered by OTOsuite software. The fitting module in OTOsuite is said to integrate Aurical into the entire patient journey—from diagnostics and counseling to fitting and verification from one application. Audiology Systems reports that the latest release of Aurical demonstrates how it continues to help audiologists and hearing care professionals realize greater efficiency gains while boosting the quality of counseling and care.

“We are committed to helping hearing care professionals achieve the best fit in the most efficient and flexible way possible,” said Mona Dworsack-Dodge, director of market management and audiology at Audiology Systems. “This release includes simple improvements and advanced features to benefit both new and existing Aurical customers and makes Aurical the most efficient fitting system to date.”

Aurical updateAudiology Systems says new features such as RoomTune, QuickView, and enhancements to probe microphone measurements (PMM) FreeStyle are designed to help hearing care professionals streamline their fitting processes and improve workflow. RoomTune measures the acoustics of the room and speakers and adjusts the sound during playback for reliable hearing instrument demonstration in the fitting software. A new FitAssist tool, QuickView gives instant access to the video otoscope during PMM. The 2-channel PMM FreeStyle makes it possible to work with a second sound source in PMM, chosen independently, for a more realistic stimulus presentation.

Aurical updateAlso announced was the new hands-on Aurical training that Otometrics and Audiology Systems have planned. The next available training will be in October 2015. Building on the concepts introduced in the FittingNOW! Series that was launched in 2012, the new 7-hour fitting course (0.7 CEUs) is designed to help professionals stay up-to-date with the latest fitting and verification techniques so they can spend more time caring for their patients. Key training areas include practical application of the instruction, and demonstrations that incorporate the latest technologies in hearing instruments.

Aurical training course details may be viewed on the Audiology Systems website.

Hearing care professionals already using Aurical can contact their Audiology Systems sales representative to upgrade their system to the latest version. For more information about Aurical, visit the Aurical page on the Audiology Systems website. Customers are encouraged to call their local sales representatives to schedule a consultation, or learn about available education and training opportunities.

Source: Audiology Systems