Sensaphonics Magic-Grow AudioFoam IEMs are convenient, water-activated capsules that grow to a perfect fit every time.

Sensaphonics Magic-Grow AudioFoam IEMs are convenient, water-activated capsules that grow to a perfect fit every time.

In its tradition of launching “revolutionary” products on April 1 of each year, Sensaphonics, a technology leader in custom in-ear monitors (IEM) and hearing protection, has announced its latest advance, the Magic-Grow AudioFoam™ IEMs. Using a unique, water-activated polymer with embedded balanced armature drivers, Sensaphonics has devised a disposable in-ear system that guarantees a perfect custom fit night after night, says the company.

“This revolutionary Magic-Grow technology promises to turn the market on its ear,” says Sensaphonics Founder and President Michael Santucci, AuD. “Instead of waiting for delivery and hoping for a good fit, musicians can just grow a fresh pair of IEMs inside their ears before each performance. It really is magical!”

Using a proprietary sub-absorbent polymer originally developed for medical applications, Magic-Grow IEMs literally transform from compact capsules into tour-quality earphones in minutes, states the company. Before each performance, just dip the two capsules in water and insert them into the ears. The AudioFoam polymer gently expands to fill the ear canal, creating a perfect fit. Plug in the supplied cable and you’ll get reference-quality sound, every time. When done, the biodegradable AudioFoam can be unplugged and discarded.

Sensaphonics says another advantage of Magic-Grow IEMs is the fact that perspiration is no longer a threat to earphone performance. Hydrophilic polymer action actually absorbs sweat before it can reach the drivers, making moisture-based IEM failure a thing of the past. In fact, Sensaphonics beta testers report getting a consistently perfect fit, night after night. In the words of one touring artist, “The more you sweat, the better they fit!”

Sensaphonics Magic-Grow AudioFoam IEMs are awaiting FDA approval. Due to the small size of the capsules, the product packing will include a warning label that reads:

“Choking hazard: Use with extreme caution around drummers and children under 3.”

“We expect prompt government approval, since there are really no medical issues with this product,” says Santucci. “After that, Magic-Grow IEMs are poised to be a real game-changer for the entire music industry.”

According to Sensaphonics, Magic-Grow AudioFoam IEMs will be offered in multiple driver configurations and a wide variety of colors. To prevent premature activation, they will be sold in waterproof packaging, singly and in 6-packs, with subscription packages available for touring clients. The product will ship after FDA approval.

Some of Sensaphonics other April 1st product launches include Earbags Hearing Protection and the Perceptuator IEM plug-in accessory.

Source and image: Sensaphonics