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American Heart Assocation (AHA) National Go Red Woman 2013-14 Paula Chavez joins (l-r ) Oticon Senior Manager Digital Marketing Stephanie Young, AHA Senior Director Peter Cary, Oticon Senior Marketing Manager Nancy Palmere, and Go Red For Women Survivor Ambassador Lynn Vadja to celebrate Oticon Inc’s “AHA Top Team 2013 National Wear Red Day Award.”


The American Heart Association (AHA), New Jersey Chapter, presented Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, with the “AHA Top Team 2013 National Wear Red Day Award” at the group’s annual awards celebration on October 2. AHA also recognized Oticon as a member of the AHA $10,000 Club for the second year in a row. Oticon Senior Marketing Manager Nancy Palmere and Stephanie Young, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, accepted the two awards.

During American Heart Month in February, Oticon pledged a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Oticon Alta to the AHA as part of the heart and hearing health awareness-building program. Thousands of hearing care professionals in communities across the country joined with Oticon to encourage people to take the first steps toward better health and better hearing with professional consultations and evaluations that can provide life-changing benefits.

Source: Oticon Inc