Netherlands-based audio software company Absolute Audio Labs (AAL) announced that the company has been awarded a CES Innovation Award for its PYOUR Eccellenza AI premium+. This series of hearing aids consists of a hearable and a RIC reference design. It demonstrates “the many groundbreaking features of the PYOUR Audio Hearing suite and supports AAL customers in designing hearing products based on premium audio SoCs instead of using traditional hearing aid DSPs,” according to the company’s announcement.

According to AAL, PYOUR Audio Hearing suite “can power most feature rich SoC-based (OTC) hearing aids and hearables in the world with an unmatched audio quality.” To achieve this, AAL has applied its “unique proprietary fitting and speech intelligibility algorithms that warrant best-in-class speech understanding under the most difficult circumstances, and further enhance the experience with cutting-edge technologies from its partners.”

”Hearing Aids have become all-round communication and entertainment devices and as such, hearing-impaired customers are no longer willing to accept the poor audio and limited wireless capabilities of most current hearing aids. At the same time, the efficiency of both Audio SoCs and battery technology has increased so much that it will further drive innovations on SoC-based hearing aids,” said Aernout Arends, CEO and Founder of Absolute Audio Labs.

Both PYOUR Eccellenza AI premium+ RIC and Hearable reference designs will be on display at CES Las Vegas and the AAL team will organize live demos at its booth (#51733). Visitors can experience the quality of PYOUR-powered devices and directly compare against hearing aids and hearables, including the AirPods Pro, the company said.

Absolute Audio Labs is selected as part of the Next Level Innovations pavilion at CES.

CES pitch video:

Source: AAL