Wearers can now update Widex’ popular BEYOND hearing aids directly from their smartphones via an intuitive app, Widex announced.

BEYOND is reportedly the world’s first hearing aid that allows wearers to update their firmware after they have taken them home. With BEYOND app updates, users gain access to new hearing aid features, improved functionality, and performance enhancements without having to visit their hearing healthcare professionals.

“BEYOND hearing aids are essentially tiny computers that run sophisticated software. This allows them to adapt to virtually any listening environment,” says James Martin, director of professional education. “Now we can incrementally improve their functionality and usefulness.”

“This is a groundbreaking innovation,” said Martin. “It is going to change what people expect from hearing aids.”

For the wearer, this means hassle-free updates at a touch of a button. For the hearing healthcare professional, this means more time to focus on the wearer, rather than the software.

BEYOND’s most recent update includes:

  • Geo-targeted Programs: Create personal programs and optimize sound settings that can be adjusted to match a specific location.
  • Location Services: Lost hearing aids? Locate them with the app’s “Find My Hearing Aids” feature.

Additionally, a new firmware update for Widex BEYOND hearing aids will be released this week which will ?further strengthen the user experience and connectivity of Widex’ made-for-iPhone offering.

The BEYOND firmware 4.12 update features:

  • Stronger synchrony between iPhone® and BEYOND hearing aids for improved streaming connectivity
  • Consistent SmartSpeak when alternating levels between hearing aid and the BEYOND app
  • Improved volume display and levels between Apple’s native app and the BEYOND app
  • Enhanced Personal Program logging
  • Improved DEX function with the BEYOND app

The BEYOND firmware—with all these new enhancements—will be released this week through an updated version of the BEYOND app on App Store® and Google Play. The new firmware will be available to end users once they connect to the updated BEYOND app with their compatible Apple and AndroidTM phones. ?BEYOND hearing aids are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. A demo of the app is available for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Source: Widex