Intelligent Hearing Systems (IHS) is the latest diagnostic equipment manufacturer to contract with the new Audiology Systems Inc (ASI) for United States distribution.

“With ASI, we saw an incredible opportunity to provide even more value to Intelligent Hearing Systems customers by partnering with a distribution company that strives to elevate customer care to a new level,” said the IHS press release. “By focusing on fewer product lines, the sales and service representatives of ASI are able to become true experts on IHS products, thereby providing an even higher level of care to our customers.”

IHS is a privately held company. Audiology Systems Inc was recently created to distribute GN Otometrics diagnostic products (MADSEN, AURICAL, and ICS), after GN Otometrics discontinued its relationships with distributors that were acquired by William Demant-controlled entities.

Besides Otometrics brands and IHS, ASI represents sound-proofing manufacturer Noise Barriers

SOURCE: Intelligent Hearing Systems (IHS)