Benson Medical’s Version 8.1 software offers occupational health professionals features for hearing conservation, earplug fit testing, and spirometry, Benson announced in a press release. Benson Medical Instruments Co designs and manufactures audiometers, spirometers, earplug fit testers, and software to manage hearing conservation and occupational spirometry programs.

According to the company, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently accepted the CCS-200 Plus Spirometer into the Coal Workers Health Surveillance Program (CWHSP), so Benson users now can print an approved CWHSP report and transfer data to NIOSH electronically in the required format.

“Meeting the standards of an independent testing facility and then fulfilling the precise specifications of CDC/NIOSH was quite a project,” said Jim Teter, sales manager at Benson Medical. “We are pleased to have completed all the requirements and to be part of helping American coal workers retain good health.”

The CWHSP program provides respiratory health screening and surveillance to US coal miners. Coal workers are to be tested upon commencement of employment and periodically thereafter.

For the CCF-200 Fit Test—now available as a standalone instrument—there are additional PAR calculations, which is designed to help technicians better interpret earplug fit test results. In addition, the Plus Package can now be purchased for the CCF-200 Fit Test; with the Plus Package, users will have access to four new reports, the Report Builder, and the “Export on Save” feature. Users will also be able to track daily calibration records and add company logos to reports, said Benson.

Particularly useful for companies with multiple testing sites and mobile operations, the new “Merge Company” feature is designed to address the issues that arise when users need to combine data stored under multiple company names.

“Benson Medical continually offers the industry new technology,” said Teter. “This new software release is a good example because it provides new capabilities for multiple aspects of occupational health testing, and helps professionals have better control over testing of individuals and their overall occupational health programs. Moreover, many of the new features and reports help occupational health professionals meet OSHA and MSHA requirements as well as NHCA and NIOSH recommendations.”

Source: Benson Medical Instruments Co.

Image: Benson Medical Instruments Co.