Audiology Systems, Schaumberg, Ill, the US distributor of GN Otometrics’ AURICAL®, MADSEN® and ICS® and other audiology and vestibular equipment, has announced the addition of the GENIETM series sound rooms to its growing portfolio. Reported to be the market leader in Canada, the GENIE series of audiometric sound rooms is now being offered by Otometrics throughout the United States and is available exclusively at Audiology Systems.

GENIE Sound Rooms.

GENIE Sound Rooms.

According to Audiology Systems, the GENIE sound room was first produced in 2001 and continues to evolve through design enhancements focused on achieving state-of-the-art performance and quality. The diverse product line ranges from double wall exam suites for optimal noise management to small occupational health mobile rooms. The sound rooms are fully customizable.

“The GENIE sound room is a product infused with science and uncompromising dedication to our customers’ needs,” says Tom Riniker, general manager for the newly established Sound Room Division at Otometrics. “It is a hallmark of innovation. Otometrics and Audiology Systems have combined their extensive experience in the field of audiology to develop a new consultative approach for designing your sound room. Over the years, feedback from customers and patients, audiologists, acousticians, and engineers has been used to optimize the design of the product.”

The High Performance Lo Profile (Hi-Lo) `Floor, a signature feature, puts the emphasis on acoustic performance while allowing for a more natural entrance in comparison to traditional sound room designs, according to the company. Acoustically-engineered doors are designed to provide easy patient access and superior sound isolation. The windows are produced with double-glazed, laminated 1/4’’ safety glass and mounted in a heavy gauge steel frame with rubber compression seals. All sound rooms come with interior and exterior electrical outlets, ventilation silencers, as well as a pre-wired jack panel that contains jacks, USBs and data connections to cover all modern test equipment requirements. Roof mounted state-of-the-art LED lighting systems with dimmer switches give clinician full control over the level of lighting in the room.

A dedicated team of sales engineers will work closely with Audiology Systems to bring integrated sound room solutions to audiologists and healthcare professionals in the United States. “These sound rooms are designed to integrate perfectly with your Otometrics audiometer, tympanometer, OAEs and more,” says Alex Carlton, national sales manager for the Sound Room Division at Otometrics. “If a standard size room won’t fit your needs, we will customize it to optimize your available space. This allows you to select a size, a configuration and a feature package that you will need for your new clinic. We utilize and embrace modern manufacturing practices so we can change and grow with the technologies being used in your clinic today— not technologies from 50 years ago.”

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