RemotEAR, a tele-audiology company that holds patents for remote diagnostics and hearing instrument programming, announced a partnership with Resonance, an Italy-based, full-line manufacturer of hearing diagnostic products. The Resonance portable line of devices is said to now be fully compatible with RemotEAR’s Deviceware® tele-audiology service.

Dave Davis, founder and managing partner of RemotEAR said, “We have been working with the Resonance team for quite a while now to develop and test the integration of their line of screening products with our tele-audiology service. I’m pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a turnkey solution to our customers, ranging from audiometry, to immitance, and OAE utilizing Resonance’s platform of highly portable and cost-effective devices.”

The Resonance screening range of devices include the:

  • • R17A Audiometer
  • • R16M Middle Ear Analyzer
  • • R15C Combined Audiometer/Tymp
  • • R14O Otoacoustic Emissions

Together, they are designed to be a portable, yet powerful, line of diagnostic devices, which can be purchased in a range of configurations.

Resonance and RemotEAR worked together to create a module that enables the Resonance devices to be used with RemotEAR’s Deviceware tele-audiology service, enabling hearing care professionals to expand their practice to include remote diagnostic services.

For more information, please see our white paper on the RemotEAR website that outlines the method and technical overview of the integrated system.

Source: RemotEAR