In their most current test of hearing aid batteries, the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has confirmed that the hearing aid manufacturer power one—in the category for the smallest hearing aid batteries for in-ear devices (Type 10), and the category of medium-sized round cell batteries for behind-the-ear hearing aids (Type 312)—has achieved the best performance among the 14 batteries tested, receiving a grade of 1.8, VARTA announced. Special attention was paid to power one’s exceptional battery capacity. VARTA Microbattery’s power one batteries are manufactured in Ellwangen, Germany, in what the company reports is the “world’s largest and most advanced” hearing aid battery factory, and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 50001, and DIN ISO 1348.

Torsten Schmerer, general manager, business unit retail at VARTA Microbattery, was very happy with the evaluation: “The positive findings of this test are the result of our permanent work towards research and development, and the know-how in batteries which we have developed over 130 years. This is how we are regularly able to produce innovative products. The production of power one batteries is certified, and takes place in an automated process with 100% quality control. It is carried out exclusively in Germany.”

Schmerer adds: “We have the largest and most modern production facility for hearing aid batteries worldwide.”

In their current test, the Stiftung Warentest highlighted the performance of power one batteries as well as their ease of handling for its users. This is based on what VARTA reports is the innovative, convenient, and resealable packaging, which makes their transportation safe, whereby the double-layered cardboard prevents the battery from falling out. A seal of quality ensures the freshness of the batteries. Furthermore, the packaging material is environmentally friendly due to its FSC-certified blister card, sourced from sustainable forestry management.

Several billion microbatteries produced

VARTA Microbattery, a subsidiary of VARTA AG, has been producing hearing aid batteries for almost 15 years. Since then, several billion microbatteries have reportedly left the company’s assembly line. According to VARTA, around 25 million people worldwide can now hear reliably once more thanks to their battery from Ellwangen.

Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG, said, “We feel particularly strongly about supporting the early recognition of hearing damage in teenagers, as the rising number of hearing impairments worldwide is frightening.”

In addition to World Hearing Day, power one has also been campaigning with the French initiative Journeé Nationale de l’Audition JNA since 2015, which focuses on hearing protection through campaigns such as free hearing tests at hearing centers and informational events at educational institutions. In contrast to World Hearing Day, the JNA arranges hearing events throughout the entire year.

In addition to the JNA, VARTA supports several nationally and globally active foundations that are committed to the needs of people with hearing impairment.

 Source: VARTA, power one

Image: VARTA, Stiftung Warentest