InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc (OTCQB “INND”) announced a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Advantego Corporation for exclusive worldwide distribution rights for Advantego’s Intelligent Solutions Platform and Advantego TV’s multi-faceted digital communication solution for the audiological market.

InnerScope Hearing Technologies markets and distributes audiological products and related hearing services to the audiological and hearing healthcare community via B2B audiological clinics and B2C direct-to-consumer via its eCommerce division.

Advantego designs, develops, and implements digital communications and intelligent software solutions as specialized Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) offerings.

The Company plans to build a hearing health digital channel which will be a cloud-based monthly subscription using Avantego’s communication platform. It will be designed to deliver tailored and personalized content for individual practices or a network of practices, according to the announcement.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement also provides the companies with the ability to integrate additional technologies, products, and services into future collaborative offerings in the worldwide audiological market.

“We are very pleased to form this alliance with InnerScope,” said Robert W. (Rob) Ferguson, Advantego’s CEO. “InnerScope’s long-term prominence, good standing, and strong relationships within their industry are unparalleled.”

“Advantego’s platform capabilities and service offerings are a perfect fit to help us continually develop greater market awareness campaigns to drive more revenue for us, and the hearing healthcare practice owners,” said Matthew Moore CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies.

“One of our first objectives is to provide public awareness to help eliminate the stigma and denial associated with having hearing loss. This platform will deliver current and accurate information about hearing loss and the associated risk factors and consequences of untreated hearing loss for patients and family members visiting the 15,000+ audiological hearing aid clinics in North America.

“This market alone is expected to grow more than three times within the next five years. With the ever-growing older population and the ongoing worldwide epidemic of people suffering from hearing loss, we are excited to offer different and better ways to communicate information about hearing products and solutions to consumers,” said Moore.

Source: InnerScope Hearing Technologies