Minneapolis – Starkey Laboratories recently hosted the first Innovation in Action Symposium, which explored the scientific and clinical applications of new technologies. Over 90 attendees had the opportunity to hear from keynote presenters on a number of hearing industry topics and trends.

The meeting brought together well-respected presenters, such as Brent Edwards, PhD and Arthur Boothroyd, PhD, to discuss topics that were tied to the theme of “A Forward Look at Trends in Hearing Science.”

The list of presentations included:

  • Brent Edwards, PhD, Understanding and Addressing the Problem of Listening in Noise
  • Arthur Boothroyd, PhD, You Have Just Purchased a New Hearing Aid: So What? Now What?
  • Alice Holmes, PhD, New Approaches to Assessing Hearing Instrument Performance
  • Jason Galster, PhD, Leveraging Ear Acoustics for Improved Hearing Aid Fittings
  • De Wet Swanapoel, PhD, Advancing Hearing Aid Healthcare Through Tele-Audiology
  • Fan Gang Zeng, PhD, Bimodal and Bilateral Speech Perception – Combining Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants
  • Harvey Abrams, PhD, Back to the Future: Optimizing the Hearing Aid Response
  • Sara Burdak, AuD, The State of Wireless Technology

“We were so pleased to have the opportunity to host some of the industry’s great minds sharing their perspectives and knowledge about important topics in audiology,” said Barry Freeman, PhD, senior director audiology and education for Starkey, in a press statement.

Freeman also noted that the audience was reportedly receptive and participated in discussions after the presentations.

SOURCE: Starkey Laboratories