Beverly Biderman

Beverly Biderman

Beverly Biderman, the author of the book titled, Wired for Sound: A Journey into Hearing, has announced the birth of an opera based on her memoir of learning to hear with a cochlear implant.

The new opera, titled “TMIE, On the Threshold of the Outside World,” will premiere in English on February 25, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal at O’culto da Ajuda.

Augusto, Pacheco

Composer and librettist Carlos Alberto Augusto, and soprano Marina Pacheco

The soprano singing the role of Biderman at the premiere is Marina Pacheco. The composer and librettist is Carlos Alberto Augusto. The opera is sponsored by Widex.

Other venues for the opera are being planned. The intriguing “TMIE” in the opera title is the name of a gene involved in hearing and deafness.

Biderman also announced that a revised and updated version of her classic book on deafness and cochlear implants is now available as an ebook. The book is said to be a rare “inside” account of hearing with a cochlear implant, the first effective artificial sensory organ ever developed. The book is a moving story about one woman’s journey through deafness and into hearing. Praised by Oliver Sacks as “a beautiful account full of wonder and surprises,” the 2016 edition brings the reader up to date on cochlear implant technology, and more importantly, on the transformations in Biderman’s life brought on by her hearing device.

The writer, Beverly Biderman, has had a progressive hearing loss since she was a toddler. By the time she reached her early teens, her hearing loss had become profound, and from that point on, she was unable to understand any speech without lipreading. As an adult, she had surgery to receive a cochlear implant, and that changed everything.

To preview Wired for Sound: A Journey into Hearing (2016, second edition), visit the Miso Music Portugal website. For further information, or complimentary reviewer copies of the ebook, contact [email protected].

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