MED-EL has launched the latest issue of its flagship EXPLOREMAGAZINE, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of hearing loss through inspiring and extraordinary stories, MED-EL announced. In this edition, called EXPLORETIME, readers will discover the crucial role that time plays in our lives, and how it affects our decisions and structures our day. This is a great, FREE resource for hearing health professionals and their patients alike.

According to MED-EL, EXPLORETIME features interviews with experts who provide their views on what time is, how we can make the most of it, and why living in the “here and now” is the key to a better quality of life. The interviews include an article with hearing implant recipient Donn Nisja from San Anselmo, Calif, who shares his experience with hearing loss, and how receiving his cochlear implants so soon after losing his hearing helped to improve the surgery’s success and his journey back into the hearing world.

“The latest edition of EXPLOREMAGAZINE reflects on one of our most precious commodities, time, and explores topics ranging from the value of time through to the mystery of time travel,” said Bettina Benesch, editor-in-chief of EXPLOREMAGAZINE. “From the perspective of hearing loss, the magazine examines the role time plays in hearing implantation, including the right moment to receive an implant and how much time is needed for rehabilitation. We hope our readers enjoy their journey through time with EXPLOREMAGAZINE.”

The magazine takes a closer look at how children become familiar with time and what we, as adults, can learn from them in an interview with psychologist Dr Marc Wittmann, research fellow at the Institute For Frontier Areas in Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg, Germany. Wittmann notes that children have a much stronger awareness of the present, whereas adults need to plan ahead, which can distract from what’s happening in the moment.

Another topic tackled by EXPLORETIME is stress and the feeling many of us experience of never having enough time. Writer Silvana Lins goes in search of the inner calm and asks why stress is such a huge part of modern life and how we can learn to deal with it. The magazine also explores the stress those with a hearing impairment can feel while grappling with the demands of the hearing world.

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Source: MED-EL